We have heard of music compositions – the songs we listen, instrumentals based of classical compositions, etc. If we think about it, we understand its made of rhythmic flow of different notes arranged in specific order. While presenting the musical composition, artists choose different instruments or different type of vocal according to the mood.

In Visual Composition we have different visual elements. The elements presents in a visual frame build up different characters.  Each of these characters has a base meaning (Denotation) and a proposed meaning (Connotation). For example, the base meaning of a ‘TREE’ is the general common understanding of the word – the imagery of a tree – as seen on the image. However, when we start treating the ‘TREE’ as a visual character, it can elevate the meaning of the word by building new connotative relations with other characters. If this tree is seen as the only tree in a barren land, it can mean ‘LIFE’. This derivative meaning depends on the elemental structure of the character and its relation with other characters.

Advanced visual compositions targets to understand and build connotative relations between elemental characters. The session will focus on different concepts and methods of composition.

Let’s create visual music!