Green Batch

Photography for life

Get Reward Worth ₹ 24000

Green Batch is an initiative from Rishi On Ride team to preserve and promote nature.

You can experience ‘UPGRADE’ program completely free of cost!

All you need to do to plant two trees and take care of them for next six months.

Green Batch participants are selected from the applications received. Only 10 seats available.

Joining Green Batch is Easy

Fill up UPGRADE application form. Select ‘Green Batch’ as your course choice.

You dont need to plant trees before application.

Received applications will be reviewed by our panelists. If you are selected, you will be notified by mail. For any queries, you can contact us on our helpline number.

Once you are through with selection, you are a proud member of UPGRADE GREEN BATCH.

You need to plant your trees now!

You must share the images of your trees on social media and share the link with us every week.


Plant two trees. You can plant any tree you wish. Use earthen pots if you dont have option to plan directly on ground. Avoid plastic in any form.


Take care of your trees for next six months. You need to keep it living and healthy. Help from experienced gardener is availble on request.


Share the images of your tree at least once in a week. You must share the images on social media and send us the link to the post.


Enjoy full 'UPGRADE' program worth ₹ 24000 completely free of cost. The benefit is non-transferable and can be availed once only.

Have queries? Contact us!