The Economic Eye

The Economic Eye

Photography is said to be an expensive art form. It’s true only if your visions are limited to the grandeur of machines. Also if you believe you need a Mont Blanc Starwalker to write an overwhelming story.

The content of the photographs also seems to be expensive sometimes. You might want to travel across the globe to get a beautiful sunset or a close wildlife portrait. Well, we do understand we can not perform wildlife photography in our backyard. And we do appreciate the effort the photographers make to create a stunning image in wildlife, landscape or even in photojournalism genre.

However, not everyone has access to the gears and the locations the seasoned photographers strive for. That should not be a deal breaker for photographic creation.

The Economic Eye is a search to find the way out with the minimum. All the images created for this project are shot with most inexpensive and basic equipment. The location of these images is set to Kolkata – one of the most economic cities in India. The images showcased here are straight out of the camera with zero edit/retouch except the grayscale conversion wherever applicable.

  • Equipment used: Lenovo K5 Note mobile camera.
  • Grascale conversion done in ‘snapseed’ mobile application