What is this change?

Rishi On Ride started in 2018. From inception, we have always analyzed our performance for better impact and revised our core thought process and implement strategies. Every time we updated ourselves, we tried to incorporate some important changes that guides us through all our endeavors. These updates are mainly based on participant feedback and suggestions by our internal research team.
This is the third big update we are experiencing. Explore this page to get familiar with important ideas that play behind these changes.



  • 2018

Started with Upgrade & Walkshop


  • 2019

Introduced QuickCourse, Momento

2022 - Introduced Nazrana


  • 2023

What's new

Rishi On Ride Membership

smart way to learn photography
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More Affordable

Invest more time than money
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Project Calendar

Regular learning for everyone
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#1. Smart way to Learn Photography

Rishi On Ride membership

# introduced

Benefits of all our learning and connecting projects bundled in for easy and comprehensive learning.

Community Membership (FREE to join & continue):
Learn with a growing photography community – Baithake. Designed to help interested beginners in photography medium. Mainly focused on basics of the medium, it also prepares a participant for in depth learning of Visual Art.
Core Membership (Subscription fee applicable):
Get access to everything we do around photography for a surprising low subscription fee. Suitable for aspirant photography artists who want to build their portfolio and get industry ready. Regular learning content is ensured to satisfy all your learning needs.

#2. Invest More Time than Money

If you are a beginner or enthusiast, you can enjoy quality basic learning for FREE with publication and promotion support!

That’s what we believe – the basic learning  should always be free and that too with no compromise to quality. Level up and join our advanced learning roadmap with nominal subscription.
With Rishi On Ride membership, it is now easier to participate in our learning ventures. Our three main learning projects – Upgrade, Walkshop and Quickcourse are now available free with Core Membership and at discounted fee with Community Membership.

More Affordable

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#3. Regular Learning for Everyone

Project Calendar

# introduced

All Rishi On Ride learning projects has now got a planned schedule. The calendar for the quarter will be published in advance.

A designed project schedule can help you match your learning plan and engagements. Refer to your Project Calendar for detailed information about lined-up learning events.
The calendar also ensures regular learning content for both Core and Community members. Extended learning projects like offline seminar & Photo trips will also have a set frequency henceforth.

Designed Projects for End to End Learning

Learning Projects


Learner Community


Flagship Learning


Practical Learning


Conceptual Learning

Projects to increase viewer connection


Open Exhibition

2.8 Mag

Photography Magazine


Collectible Prints

Upcoming Events

Rishi On Ride Membership

Community Membership

zero / month
  • For Beginners & Enthusiasts

Core Membership

500 / month
  • For Deep Learners & Professionals

Rishi On Ride Membership covers a long list of learning opportunities.

A beginner, Intermediate learner or a professional photographer – we have something for you to learn.

Rishi On Ride MembershipSmart way to learn photography

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