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Photography Collectible

Momento is born to promote and support Independent Photographers. The collectibles feature curated photographic works of visual artist from different parts of Bengal. Momento is aimed to convey the essence of contemporary Bengal school of Photography.

The products are designed to be displayed as personal exhibition at collector's own space. These sensitive works will help define the mood of the space they are displayed. The elegance of vision will empower the collector to build a personal art gallery at home.

How does it work?

Independent Photographer

Photography Artists who do not serve a direct client, but more inclined to work on personal assignments, may be referred as Independent Photographers. They do not earn through popular commercial channels like wedding or product photography.

Momento is designed and curated to create and alternative earning channel for Independent Photographers.

Visualize your end product. Consider production cost, visual impact, in-scope and out-scope areas. Engage in the brainstorming sessions hosted by Rishi On Ride.

Momento products are focused on two main categories. 

1.Utility Print (calendar, bookmark etc)

2. Personal Exhibit (Photographs for personal aesthetic viewing)

You can choose the category you like and start building the idea of the product.

Complete design support is provided by the Rishi On Ride. You plan the visual, we will design it for you.

Momento is built from scratch. We are open to experiment with new utility product ideas. At the same time we are interested in exploring ways we can offer personal exhibits to our customers.

Design is the key to good presentation.

Printing is the most crucial part in the project. We got that covered. End to end printing support is provided by Rishi On Ride.

We use Digital, Offset and Lab print methods when and wherever necessary. The choice depends on the size and cost budget of the product in design.

You can choose to sell your product or print for personal collection or gifting purpose. Rishi On Ride assists on sell through its own Momento stalls in various festivals and reselling partners.

Momento is made for artists. If the product is up for sale, artists keeps 60%-80% of the revenue earned at any given scenario.

Frequently Asked Questions

Currently Momento participation is purely by invitation. However, you can share your product idea with us. We will be happy to consider them for our next publications.

The cost of the product depends on the print size and volume. The complete cost break up is shared with participant artists.

Momento Products are up for open sell from time to time. Watch out this page or any of our social pages and groups for Sale Announcements. Alternatively, you can contact us directly if you feel an immediate need. 

Yes. We promote reselling. Please contact us for detailed information on reselling rights.

To earn from Momento, the participating photographer must put his product up for sale. For every product sold, participating artists keep 60%-80% of the revenue.

BaithakE Calendar (১৪২৯)

Participant Photographers

স্বনির্ভর স্থিরচিত্রশিল্পীদের নিয়ে এই উদ্যোগে ঋষি অন রাইডের সমস্ত শিক্ষা বিভাগ অংশগ্রহণ করছে। ঋষি অন রাইড ফোটোগ্রাফি শিক্ষায় মূল দুটি ধারা অনুসরণ করে। একটি ‘Community Learning’ এবং অন্যটি ‘ Close Circle Learning’.
Community Learning মূলতঃ “বৈঠকe” নামক গ্রুপ এর মাধ্যমে সারা বছর উদযাপিত হয়।
📷 BaithakE Program Coverage
✔️ Understanding and Riyaz on Visual Elements
✔️ Participants’ Image Review
✔️ Photography Project Ideas
✔️ Photography Exhibition (Virtual & Physical)
✔️ Digital Publication (Ebook & Website)

১৪২৯ নববর্ষে বৈঠকe সদস্যদের মধ্যে ৯ জন শিল্পীকে নিয়ে শুরু হলো Momento Calendar।

Momento Calendar (বৈঠকe বিভাগ)

Upgrade Calendar (১৪২৯) - #1

সৌমেন আপগ্রেডের একনিষ্ঠ ছাত্র। মূল ধারার ছবির পথে দীর্ঘদিন চলার পর আপগ্রেডের হাত ধরে ছবির দর্শনের পথে পথ চলা শুরু করেছেন। সৌমেন তার ক্যালেন্ডার তৈরি করেছেন বাংলার বারো মাসের প্রত্যেকটির এক নিজস্ব অনুভবের ছবি থেকে।

Upgrade Calendar (১৪২৯) - #2

আর্য্য দীর্ঘদিন “আপগ্রেড” প্রোগ্রামের সঙ্গে যুক্ত। প্রতিদিনের পথ চলায় ফোটোগ্রাফির সাহচর্য্য আর্য্যকে বিভিন্ন সাধারণ দৃশ্যের মধ্যে দিয়ে জীবন উপভোগ করতে শেখায়। আর্য্য তার ক্যালেণ্ডার তৈরি করেছেন তার দেখা ভারতের বিভিন্ন প্রদেশের কিছু দৃশ্য দিয়ে। সাথে রবি ঠাকুরের রচনা থেকে আর্য্যর প্রিয় কিছু কথা দৃশ্যের সুর বেঁধে দেয়।

Participating Artists - 1st wave (2021)

The Pioneers

We are honored to have our four pioneer participants. They believed in the project even before it started. We are thankful from the core of heart for allowing us to work with their image.

Momento 1st wave was curated with calendars and personal exhibitions. We received overwhelming response and people loved them.

Momento would not be possible without these four fantastic photographers.

Ongoing Learning Projects