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Learning Photography is not easy. Not because it’s rocket science, for the simple reason of understanding the true nature of Photography. What we normally think, Photography is the art of capturing a scene or a subject most aesthetically with the utmost technical brilliance. But there is another layer to it. Photography is not just what you see, but more importantly how do you see it. It is more about ‘Art of Vision’ rather than just another visual art form. Learning Photography is to see things a common eye may not sense. It’s about gifting the world a vision they must experience. We are here to offer you a vision unique to you.




Unlike normal education, art education for adults is little more complex. The knowledge transfer method plays a key factor to bring maximum impact within a targeted timeline.

UPGRADE knowledge transfer methodology follows the legacy of three top global art education systems.

♥ Student Oriented

♥ DBAE (Discipline Based Art Education)

♥ Facilitator Mode

Magic happens when the unique blend of three classic art education system works in rhythm.

Online System

UPGRADE is hosted using latest online training system with multiple features to make your learning smooth and effective. With this process you can –

♥ Share your webcam (controlled by user)

♥ Use audio (controlled by user)

♥ Text (private/group message)

♥ Share your screen (controlled by user)


learn from anywhEre

Experience learning in the most advanced way. Our programs include dedicated video conferencing and cloud sharing facility.

walk extra miles

Art education can not be boundaried by a fixed syllabus. Be ready to explore more than the training modules as and when necessary. Demand More!

Robust coverage

Be it technique, editing, history, tips & tricks, we cover every nook and corner of photography. Feel safe on your learning needs. We got you there.

know the industry

Know the nitty-gritty of imaging industry. Place yourself in sync with the current industry standards, both in personal and commercial Photographic approach.

most affordable

Expensive does not always mean the best of quality, especially in the field of Art Training Programs. RISHIONRIDE ACADEMY is committed to offer the best industry standard quality within a fee structure affordable to all. We believe in creating vision for a better tomorrow.


Teacher-student ratio is the most important factor in learning complex ideas. According to education experts 1:20 is the best ratio for the best learning possible. It allows participants to share their thought process effectively. All of our programs are limited to 10 seats per batch.


We offer offline support in regular interval for guided hands on practice. Offline sessions are conducted both outdoor and indoor. All your practical queries gets answered in a face to face interaction.


Green Batch is an initiative to support our nature. All participants get the complete experience free of charge. All you need to do is to plant two trees and take care of them for next six months.

Choose the perfect plan

Courses are based on individual needs. Contact us if you need help choosing the correct one!

Next Session Starting from November


₹ 6999

(course fee)

Per month

  • 6 Months
  • One-O-One Sessions
  • Flexible Time
  • Robust Coverage
  • Guided Project
  • Professional Live Training Technology


₹ 3999

(course fee)

Per month

  • 6 Months
  • Customized Course
  • Robust Coverage
  • Guided Project
  • Gear Guide
  • Professional Live Training Technology

Frequently asked questions

You just need a mobile (android/ios) with internet connection. We use state of the art professional live video training technology which can be accessed straight from your mobile easily.

Every participant gets certificate with grade. However, the certificate does not serve as a degree or diploma in photography.

We encourage to invite your friend and family if they are interested in photography. Both you and your referral is entitled to get referral benefit. Please contact us to know current referral plans.

A DSLR is not always necessary to learn photography. For ‘Basic’ you dont need a DSLR. However, if you want to buy one, our ‘Gear Guide’ facility will help you choose the correct one for you.

We honor your choice. You can cancel your journey with us at any point of time. We accept monthly payment only. If you don’t like it, you just inform us. You will not receive payment links from next month onward. As a token of trust, you will still have access to course material till the end of your course – zero question asked!

If your concern is not answered here, please feel free to  Contact Us