• Art is

    Expression of Existance

  • Photography is

    Art of Vision

  • Discourse is


  • It's Learning

    Not Teaching

  • Alternative Education is

    Need of Time

  • Skill Development is

    Future Readiness

  • Focus on Profit

    Ruins the Product


We are a dedicated team of visual artists working under the motto of Photography for Life. Photography is our guiding force in all our ventures, be it personal or professional. We are eager to learn at every step and thrive to share the knowledge we gather. We live Art. The world can be a far more better place if every person practice any of the art forms in their daily routine. Join us to be part of the mission. Let’s make our world more beautiful!

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We believe in community work. While Rishi On Ride mainly focuses on photography learning, we reach beyond boundaries with our esteemed partners.

FlashBack Production Partner
Event and Portfolio (Photo & Video) coverage section of Rishi On Ride is partnered with Flashback.
Bardhan Studio Printing Partner
Printing section of Rishi On Ride is partnered with Bardhan Studio. We cater to both commercial in independent printing needs.

Work area

Art is our passion and profession. The services we offer include both free and commissioned works.


Fulltime Training

Photography and Film Making training for all levels of enthusiasts. Robust coverage, dedicated learning with career planning.

While still photography training is managed by Rishi On Ride, videography training is partnered with Akor.

Explore ‘LEARN’ menu for detailed options.


Photography and Film Making workshop on different areas of Photography at any place. Indoor and Outdoor based on subject.

Rishi On Ride hosts workshops in an interesting format named Walkshop. Navigate to site menu to learn more about Walkshop.

Organizations interested in hosting still/video workshops may contact us for learning support.


Webinar is a familiar mode of learning platform. We offer regular webinar sessions, both self-hosted and hosted with partners.

BaithakE is a monthly free to join Webinar hosted by ROR team. Contact us to join BaithakE.

Organizations interested in hosting webinars may contact us for learning support.


Photo & Video

Photography and Video coverage with designed approach.

Corporate Events | Product Portfolio | Personal Portfolio | Family Events | Travel | Documentary | Feature

Design & Printing

Wide range of printing solution delivered to you at best cost.

Image Print with Framing | Albums | Flex Print | Brochure | Work Folio | Utility Prints | Visiting Cards.


Digital Book | Web Publishing | Digital Magazine.

2.8 Photography magazine is published by Rishi On Ride. Navigate to site menu to learn more about 2.8 Magazine.

Living Art

Photo Festival & Exhibition

Living photography day in and out with an array of engagements.

On the Roll

Residential Artist project

A complete residential program to nurture and grow the artist in you.

Coming Soon

get in touch

Communication makes the bond stronger. Do reach us for anything or for absolutely nothing. We are here to connect with like minded folks and work together. We also look forward for constructive feedback for continuous improvement. Drop us a line today.

Partners Profile

Saptarshi Chakraborty

Founder ~ Rishi on Ride

Work Profile

Bitten by the aesthetic bug quite early in life, Saptarshi always felt this deep urge to indulge in various forms of art and creative explorations. Driven by the incessant hunger for refinement of creative senses, he fulfilled this wanderlust by a long journey through the worlds of painting, music, literature and theatrics to name a few.
Saptarshi Chakraborty has seamlessly synchronized this rich legacy of aesthetic experience into his pursuit of Photography as visual art form, for over a decade. As is necessary to attain perfection in any creative field, he has mastered both the technical and aesthetic aspects of Photography. This self-taught multi-discipline performer’s major focus has always been fine art Photography.
During his very successful leadership profile as the Human Resource Manager in a reputed multinational for 12 years, Saptarshi felt this urge to share his knowledge to eager newcomers into the world of photography so much that he quit his job to take the deep dive in the role of a mentor, fulltime.
To keep the creative juice flowing and widening the gamut of expressive acumen he loves to explore new horizons and lifestyles which is a keynote to his photography works.

Probal Banerjee

Founder ~ Flashback

FlashBack Production Partner

Tirthankar Bardhan

Leader ~ Bardhan Studio

Bardhan Studio Printing Partner


workshops and events

belur math

secrets of visual language

host - canon


advanced photography

host - tamron

iit dhanbad

advanced photography

host - tamron



host - tamron


food photography

host - tamron

academy of fine arts

fine art photography

host - pcoi & Tamron

bokaro steel city

pre wedding

host - tamron


lens technology

host - tamron


street photography

host - tamron & pure art forum

nandan 4

photography as fine art

host - pure art forum

winner award

tamron challenge

delhi photo fair

Midnight Cycling

adventure sports


we are happy to be creative with

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